Debbie Davis is a registered teacher with The Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) and professional musician who is passionate about helping those in chronic pain and those dealing with all types of performance anxiety. 

Why come for an Alexander Lesson?
For many people the reason they come for a lesson is curiosity, they’ve heard of it and why not give it a go, nothing seems to be helping at the moment.

The list of reasons for booking a lesson are actually endless, anything from a violinist with chronic shoulder pain and or performance anxiety to walking up mountains in the Lake District more efficiently. You will find that by applying what you have learned in an Alexander lesson to your daily life, you will feel more at ease and freer in your movements overall.

How does the Alexander Technique work?
It works by getting you to notice your habits that are not helping you with your movement, a re-education of your habitual muscle patterns.

With gentle guiding hands from the teacher you will learn to be aware of how you use your body, which will affect how your body can function and this in turn will affect your entire structure. 

How will I know if its working?
The first thing many people notice after a few lessons, is that their posture has improved and that they have a feeling of lightness. Many people will have less pain, particularly lower back pain.

Some people tell me that they experience a greater awareness in general, and that by applying the technique in stressful situations they are more able to look after themselves.

Is it for me?
Alexander Technique means different things to different people, for some it is the physical retraining that helps them most, for others it is the psychological changes that it brings about that are most helpful. Whichever way you look at it, it can help bring about change for the better. It is known as a Psychophysical technique.

How long will it take?
It varies from person to person. It is good to book a consultation lesson first, but generally 10 lessons would give you a pretty good idea of what it can achieve for you.

Is it too late in life to start Alexander Technique?
You are never too old to gain some benefit from the technique, it may even make you feel and look younger, as the quality of your movement improves.

How long does a lesson last and how much does it cost?
Lessons are roughly 45 minutes to an hour for £30.